Is the year of foundation of Perint.

The name “Perint” is combination of two words, very popular at that time, “Perestroika” and “Intensification”.

At the beginning there was a small cooperative with 7 members in it. We had only two injection mold machines and five machines. We produced customized plastic and metal parts.


In 1993 we produced our first plastic container for preserves. The range of producing items was only expanding ever since. By 1996 we already had 6 items of plastic package.

At the same period of time we started develop dealer net all over Russia. In 1999 using our own knowledge, experience and skills we made our first several cavities hot-runner mold.


Our company designed and produced container 180×145 which later we called “hockey puck” because of its shape.

In 2001 we changed manufacturing location for much bigger than previous one.

ISO 9001 and HACCP was confirmed.

In 2008 we won “New product of the year” nomination at the “100 best products of Russia” award.


We produced billionth “hockey puck” container.

That year we started new business unit- medical products such as Petri dish and samples cups.


We took part in International exhibition IPACKIMA in Milan. Afterwards we made a conclusion that quality of products produced by Perint was competitive with European analogues.


Perint was one of the first Russian company which started using IML technology (In-Mould Labeling).


Perint made the first export sales and as a result entered international market.


Our company got ISO 22000 certificate. Having ISO 22000 certificate we guarantee that we monitor quality during all manufacturing food package stages also its recycle, storage, packaging and sales.


Perint was the first company in Russia which started manufacture sauce cups.


We integrated ISO 13485 and got certificate. That standard defines requirements for Quality Management System which can be applied by a company during design, development, manufacture, assembling and support of medical products.


Perint made the first stack mold, which helped double production volume. At that time it was one of the very first stack mold in Russia.


The new warehouse was opened in Leningrad oblast.


We started using lock up hot-runner system.
The system has a lot of benefits:
- stable molding
- less flaws
- no waste
- barely noticeable injection point
That year Perint started manufacture on new bigger location.

Perint today

34 years of experience

Perint was found in 1988

New location

30 000 m2 of industrial premises

100 000 m2 manufacture square

3 business units

- package

- medical products

- customized molding

> 350 employees

Perint appreciate colleagues who have

been working with us since the day one

but we also respect young employees

More than 100 items of plastic packaging

We create various unique package solutions

41 items of medical products

The business unit was started in 2010

>30 molds a year

The amount of molds

that we produce a year

98 injection molding machines

Our company use machines

produced by global leaders

40 robots

We constantly integrate new

robotized lines on our manufacture

30 machines

are in our tool-room

110 partners in dealer net

from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad,

also in countries of CIS and Europe

>1000 companies

from Russia, Europe, Israel, Canada,

CIS buy our package

4,3 millions products a day

the amount of products we

manufacture a day in March 2021, 24/7

3000 products

we made while you were

reading this page


Forward and upward.

Forward. Create thoughtful solutions that people need. Set trends and be the driver of the market.

Upward. To be a leader in the production of high quality and beautiful products. Use modern technologies and be in a team of like-minded people. Be an expert in plastics, packaging, laboratory diagnostics and medicine.


1. Honesty and trust
With employees, clients and partners. Everyone trusts in us, as we keep promises in any situation.

2. Unity of views
We are a team of like-minded people.

3. Balance
We strive to ensure that our products are of high quality and attractive prices.

4. Growth and development
We never stop at what has been achieved.

5. Family
We are a family company. It is important for us that even within a large team there is an atmosphere of support and understanding.